It is known for providing most appropriate material handling solutions. Solutions provided are in automobile plants, engineering industries, process plants, infrastructure projects and in thousands of SME. An android application made for customer orientation purpose to reduce the defect management .

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Technology & Tools

Android Studio, Java, XML, JSON, SQLite, Rest API’s, Postman, AWS Cloud

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Case Study


  • The main challenge was to reduce the time required for defect management .No proper line of action and management control was available at the time to keep track over the defect and work on it.
  • When a defect was seen it was difficult to find out the correct contact detail to raise the defect to be rectified.
  • Details of product needed to be available for proper use of it with specifications of the
  • Easy access to all the functionalities needed


  • We provided a Barcode scanner option for defect management control, where if any defect detected they will only need to scan the barcode of the crane and a ticket will be generated.
  • Notifications of these tickets will be provided to the defect raiser, Electromech and owner of the product.
  • Providing simplification of process of defect management done by scanner process.
  • We also provided a calculator for getting proper value for any product available.


A simplified solution made the management and control more easy making it efficient and smooth process.

The time reduction in defect allocation and processing helped the client to provide a efficient service to the customers.

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