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This Project is build to make a systematic management flow of leads generated and make business management workflow in proper way. An app that would help in managing the leads properly and work over it to achieve the desired goals.

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Technology & Tools

Android Studio, Java, XML, JSON, SQLite, Rest API’s, Postman, AWS Cloud

Industry Segment

Lead Management & Distribution



Case Study


  • The agents details were maintained manually and keeping a check and handling all details was main concern and time consuming.
  • A system to hold all the data of the agents was needed.
  • The lead management system to be developed so that proper lead number will be diversified to individual agent according to area.
  • A track towards all the leads needed to be kept to check conversion ratio and analyse agents work.
  • Risk profile conversion system to be generated to avoid impact on the busine




  • We use a sprint CRM for development of this app.
  • Database of all agents along with bifurcation of areas was done.
  • Flow of the lead from generation to closure was now easy to check and track due to a systematic management and tracking.
  • Also to increase the business through good performing agents, the system analyzed monthly review of all agents and accordingly appreciation was given to those agents.




This systematic management for lead flow helped the client to align work in proper way to achieve maximum conversion.

Reduction in trafficking and confusion in lead conversion due to systematic alignment of leads led to maximum conversion and growth in business.



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