Patankar Khauwale

Patankar Khauwale is a brand developed and managed by RPE for the last 20 years.“Patankar Khauwale ” spread its wings to the four corners of the city. It is developed with religious patience and relentless work. “Patankar Khauwale” proved to be the leading name in traditional products eco-friendly Ganapati busts to Sankranti sugar ornaments. “ Patankar Khauwale” initiated some innovative ideas like diwalicha faral dabba for the relatives across the globe.

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Technology & Tools

Magento, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, AWS Cloud

Industry Segment

Traditional Marathi Food



Case Study


Diwali faral which is the centre of attraction during Diwali to be able to provide to people out of India.

The client wanted to develop the website in such a way to create its hold in the market to sell products online and increase the sale of all its items.
As their list of products and offerings continued to grow, the front-end design, commended for its usability.

Managing products with a heavily modified version of the current e-commerce platform was time-consuming. The main requirement of this project was to build a brand new website built on the Magento framework that would provide a solid platform for growth in the future and can easily accommodate the website changes.

Delivery to the different location needed management to track and deliver it on time.


1 click solution for purchasing all festive sweets.
We provided complete e-commerce solutions using customized Magento that gave control over the look, content, and functionality of the client’s website.
The website provides the details of each product classified into various sub-sections.
The end-customers can see online details and video reviews of the products and can comment on the same after successfully logging into their accounts.
They can select any product and gift it through online credit card payment gateway.
Proper delivery to locations done with our up to mark solutions as we hold a stronghold over logistics.


Marathi biggest platform delivered over the world.
A large customer base for the client.
Increased Revenue & Growth for the company.

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