Seed Company having head office in Akola focused on the entire, with a strong objective expansion to be the leader in the market. It is one of the largest and leading State Seeds Corporation among all State Seed Corporations in India serving in the larger interest of farmers from three decades with farmer’s faith brand loyalty, quality assurance, dedicated service and sustainable contribution for up-liftment of farmers with Glorious achievements.

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Technology & Tools

Android Studio, Java, XML, JSON, SQLite, Rest API’s, Postman, AWS Cloud

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Case Study


  • The main challenge while development for this app was to compile all data together to create a base for all information like schemes, crop details, weather.
  • For Growing a proper harvest of the seed it is important to have all details regarding weather, method, techniques, market survey which was a concern to farmers.
  • For weather report and market pricing it was important to have a real time data to provide correct information.
  • Latest news, updates regarding seeds and farming was not easily accessible which needed to be provided.


  • Providing a systematic management of information.
  • We provided with number of facilities in our app that could help out all the necessary factors:-
  • Weather report showcased and alerts provided to user if the weather is going to be bad.
  • Details regarding government subsidies that a farmer can avail.
  • We provided a calendar in which area wise which crops are suitable to be grown and all details for yielding a good harvest included to all users.
  • Detail regarding different crops with information that could help for having a abundant harvest with good quality production.
  • All the farmers and authorities could log in to app to view regarding latest update in field of agriculture which will help in increasing the production.


  • Due to this app the calls received for various details reduced down to a greater extend.
  • Manual intervention reduced enhancing to virtual assistance and better outcome.

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