GST India

The purpose of this project was to provide simplified calculation of GST for people. A solution to all where it seems to be difficult to generate proper amount can GST can be easy to use. As simplified numerical calculator with consideration of all rules and regulation regarding the taxation.

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Technology & Tools

Android Studio, Java, XML, JSON, SQLite, Rest API’s, Postman, AWS Cloud

Industry Segment

Consulting App



Case Study


  • The client wanted the mobile app that would simplify the calculations involving the GST.
  • The client required a highly intuitive app centered on features such as user friendly, easy use, different slabs workout.
  • They wanted a smart interface that enabled collaboration of all rules and regulations while calculation of GST.



  • The calculator for GST was made with all functionaries while keeping in check all the regulatory points for calculation of GST.
  • 3/5/18/28, different  slots  of  GST  applicable  according  to  need  could  be
  • Also including and   excluding GST valuation could be calculated in instant with this app, which remains crucial and important at times.



Development of this project was done in 2017, i.e the initial period of GST launched.

This simplified all the critical calculations with GST.

Number of users uses this app for simplified calculation of GST.

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