CM International School

CM provides broad range of learning programs and activities that’s unique in itself. It delivers Best Teaching Method. It is the age where the roots are being formed and the most appropriate time to sow the seeds of confidence and good character. CM school is a place where child learns without fear and moulded into a good citizen.

custom web application development services

Technology & Tools

WordPress, CSS, JavaScript, jQuerry, MySQL, Linode

Industry Segment

Educational Website



Case Study


  • As a large school, they needed a website and prospectus to be diverse enough to tell parents and visitors all about the events and activities the children get up to as well as the standards they expect from the children.
  • Communicating their success stories really mattered to the school as that created more bond and trust within parents.


  • The website is used as a vital communication tool to parents as well as a showcase to the community about what the school has to offer.
  • The prospectus gives more in-depth information on school rules and policies, but keeps the content light and interesting thanks to the design.
  • This helped the school to outcast their work and dedication for their profession and gave a trust and faith factor to the parents who want their child to be in good school.


A full responsive and attractive website lead to make a good way of interaction between students and parents through different images and detail information reflected on the website making the school brand.

We could achieve a huge amount of lead generation done by the branding done through social media and website.

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