Bridgestone -Defect system

The project developed to make the time consuming and loss process to reduce for growth ratio of the business.

Technology & Tools

Android Studio, Java, XML, JSON, SQLite, Rest API’s, Postman, AWS Cloud

Industry Segment

Tyre Industry



Case Study


While development of app many hurdles and concern were taken into consideration according to client’s requirement.

  • The client needed a system which would help them to reduce the time required to reach from one level to next level of the system. The losses bared due to this were huge and also reduced the production with proper quality.
  • Check over the timings and output created was a concern as it was not possible to be available at the time of defect in the workshop.
  • System needed with efficient management which can help to reduce the loss
  • Keep a check over all the work done by the employees.


We provided a solution to the concern of the client

  • A system depicting all the flow of pipeline was built in.
  • Organisational structure with proper flow was now possible to keep a check on.
  • We provided a system where the defect if any found in the inspecting department will be scanned through the barcode and the same will be received to the user level, this reduce the time required to reach the user level and further losses occur.
  • Due to efficient system loss minimisation and time management along with cost efficiency was achieved. This increased the business of the client.
  • As the time was saved the losses which occurred also reduced to greater extent.
  • Proper check over the management was possible as now the defect was forwarded real time to the next level and immediate action was supposed to be taken.
  • The system now depicted the delivery time, read time, action taken details for the defect raised by curing team. This helped to keep check on the flow process of the ticket.
  • Cost optimization, and time reduction increased the company’s production and business .


An efficient system which helped to reduce cost, time and loss helped the client in growth of the business. The client was happy with the solution for his problem received.

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