Biometric attendance system

The project purpose was to keep a check on the attendance of the employees working for the organization. Systematic software running all facilities to maintain all details of the organization at one place.

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Technology & Tools

Android Studio, Java, XML, JSON, SQLite, Rest API’s, Postman, AWS Cloud

Industry Segment

Information Technology Solution



Case Study


  • Firstly a system enabled of different attendance platform was supposed to be built.
  • Workers at different locations like workshops, sales team, offices should be able to mark
  • Genuineness of the attendance marked was a concern.
  • Application working on different platforms was to be built.


  • All the devices used for attendance marking were compatible to software.
  • Employees at different locations were provided with different devices or options for marking the
  • At workshops we provided biometric device, People in sales department going at different locations could mark attendance over the mobile app, employees in the office could perform this task over the web platform.
  • We gave a solution of location capturing for the sales department attendance tracking to know about the genuineness of the data.
  • For this we provided with platform which captured the location of the person


The client was now equipped with a system which helped him keep a proper organizational structure and hold on the attendance of the employees.

This app helped to reduce the manual working about attendance with accuracy and reduced the time needed.

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