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Sanskriti silk is most exclusive high-end ethnic wear brand for women, showcasing traditional, contemporary & bridal collections that personify the essence of the modern Indian woman.


Due to significant demand for his products, the client was in need of a robust e-commerce website solution and approached us with the following requirements

The main challenge was to brand Nashik Paithani and marketize all over the world.

Currency conversion facility to be provided as worldwide business was supposed to be done.

Delivery all over the world is done which needed a robust logistics system to track all details.

The website should have an easy to use and streamlined content management system.

Website users should be able to custom design sarees without any hassle.

The website should be responsive to ensure it could be used easily on mobiles as well as tablets.

At the time when he approached us, the client did not have an online presence, an aspect which was adversely affecting his business. He wanted a fresh website design which was not only aesthetically pleasing but was also intuitive and enabled fast and easy customer customization of their products.


Our experience in web and software development allowed us to create a website which not only answered the client’s requirements but exceeded his expectations. Our solution consisted of a CMS enabled, fully customizable and unique e-commerce website with the following features –

  • Users could customize and buy sarees immediately.
  • An elegant and intuitive web design.
  • Fully secure shopping cart and checkout- payment process equipped solutions provided.
  • Full responsive and mobile and tablet support.
  • On-demand service to be provided which needed a robust and good system, the customer could Click the photo and order the demand of his choice.
  • The project was completed and delivered to the client within a few weeks, enabling his online business to hit the ground running.
  • Strategically placed regular updates on the Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Engaging uniquely with the audience by posting questions, affirming store visits through comments, sorting out queries posted on the page by contacting them personally.
  • Testimonials, store activities, different ways of portraying the product, engaging them with different types of posts to engage audience uniquely.

The client was extremely satisfied with our e-commerce solution. The success of this project ensured the client’s business received a significant boost, along with providing other value-added benefits such as –

  • The client’s website was completely SEO ready, as a result of which it is now flourishing in the search engines.
  • The client’s web sales have eclipsed his offline sales. His overall sales increased a lot in less time.
  • No further assistance was required by the client, as full e-commerce management training was provided to him as part of the build.

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About Project

Barjees.com is an online marketplace that aims to be the online shopping portal with the broadest range of products available.

It was established to help customers to have access to all products without leaving their chair.


Our expert e-commerce web design team analyzed the requirements of the client and put forward a project plan. The project was not without a few exceptional challenges, all of which had to be met in order to ensure a well-performing website. These challenges included –

As a lot of traffic was expected to visit the website it was important that the e-commerce website design should be stable and secure.

The major challenge was to integrate the various requirements of the customer on to one platform while keeping the interface simple for streamlined navigation and enhanced user satisfaction.

The important factor needed was to provide on-demand requests and provide it.

As this website is limited to particular area they needed it in their language. Also, different currencies were applicable by the people for purchase.


The customer requirements were carefully analyzed by our web developers before providing the following solution:

  • An application was developed by our team which made it possible to host a site for the e-commerce web design.
  • The application had several in-built features.
  • The application allowed users to buy products, opt for daily offers and deals offered by sellers.
  • The secure payment gateway was provided.
  • We provided the details in Arabic and English language as per client’s requirement.
  • The multicurrency transaction could be made.
  • The e-commerce website development project was completed successfully and within time. Some of the highlights of the project include.
  • The customer was delighted with the e-commerce website design and the simple user interface it had which enabled easy navigation of the website.
  • Multicurrency facility leads to an increase in the number of customers purchasing on the website.
  • We could lead to an increase in the number of customer doing online shopping through the website.

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