GST India

About Project

The purpose of this project was to provide a simplified calculation of GST for people. A solution to all where it seems to be difficult to generate proper amount can GST can be easy to use.
A simplified numerical calculator with consideration of all rules and regulation regarding the taxation.


The requirement of the client to work out on were:-

The client wanted the mobile app that would simplify the calculations involving the GST.

The client required a highly intuitive app centered on features such as user-friendly, easy use, different slabs workout.

They wanted a smart interface that enabled collaboration of all rules and regulations while calculation of GST.


We developed a app which included various features to enhance its functionality.

  • The calculator for GST was made with all functionaries while keeping in check all the regulatory points for calculation of GST.

  • 3/5/18/28, different slots of GST applicable according to need could be calculated.

  • Also including and excluding GST valuation could be calculated in instant with this app , which remains crucial and important at times.


Development of this project was done in 2017 , i.e the initial period of GST launched. This simplified all the critical calculations with GST . Number of users uses this app for simplified calculation of GST.

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Biometric Attendance Management system

About Project

The project purpose was to keep a check on the attendance of the employees working for the organization.
A systematic software running all facilities to maintain all details of the organization at one place.


Many challenges while developments of app were faced :-

Firstly a system enabled of different attendance platform was supposed to be built.

Workers at different locations like workshops, sales team, offices should be able to mark attendance.

Genuineness of the attendance marked was a concern.

Application working on different platforms was to be built.


We created a Linux based system and provided a biometric solution for it.

  • All the devices used for attendance marking were compatible to software.

  • Employees at different locations were provided with different devices or options for marking the attendance.

  • At workshops we provided biometric device, People in sales department going at different locations could mark attendance over the mobile app, employees in the office could perform this task over the web platform. Details were fetched with such ways ways.

  • An API solution provided to the challenges faced.

  • We gave a solution of location capturing for the sales department attendance tracking to know about the genuineness of the data. For this we provided with platform which captured the location of the person.


The client was now equipped with a system which helped him keep a proper organisational structure and hold on the attendance of the employees.

This app helped to reduce the manual working about attendance with accuracy and reduced the time needed.

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About Project

A farming app build to provide information related to agriculture. Various news, knowledge related topics, production and much-needed information.


The challenge we face today is the poor knowledge regarding agriculture and its ways to achieve abundant production. Farmers not have the latest technology information and researches regarding agriculture that can be helpful in agriculture.

Availability of seeds from the market with good quality, different pesticides, technologies not available.

A huge amount of data needed to be made available at a click of a button.

Real time data to be maintained and provided to farmers.

  • Real-time Weather updates according to the area could be seen by users.
  • Current market rates for seeds and crops could be analyzed by farmers so that they could keep up with the market scenario.
  • Details regarding different diseases that affected crops and the solutions for it are uploaded for access to all in a very simplified manner.
  • According to information, suggestion and consultation for pesticides are done to farmers so as to make their crop yield better.
  • An app where a farmer could access each and every relevant data regarding the agriculture helped to bring out better production.
  • We reduced the call center part work by reducing the number of calls from users as all the needy information was now handy with the user.

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About Project

Seed Company having a head office in Akola with a strong objective expansion to be the leader in the market. It is one of the largest and leading State Seeds Corporation among all State Seed Corporations in India serving in the larger interest of farmers from three decades with farmer’s faith brand loyalty, quality assurance, dedicated service and sustainable contribution for upliftment of farmers with Glorious achievements.

  • The main challenge while developing for this app was to compile all data together to create a base for all information like schemes, crop details, weather.
  • Growing a proper harvest of the seed it is important to have all details regarding weather, method, techniques, market survey which was a concern to farmers.
  • For weather report and market pricing it was important to have a real time data to provide correct information.
  • Latest news, updates regarding seeds and farming was not easily accessible which needed to be provided.


  • Providing systematic management of information.

  • We provided with a number of facilities in our app that could help out all the necessary factors:-

  • Weather report showcased and alerts provided to the user if the weather is going to be bad.

  • Details regarding government subsidies that a farmer can avail.

  • We provided a calendar in which area wise which crops are suitable to be grown and all details for yielding a good harvest included to all users.

  • Detail regarding different crops with information that could help for having an abundant harvest with good quality products.

  • All the farmers and authorities could log in to app to view regarding latest update in the field of agriculture which will help in increasing the production.


  • Due to this app, the calls received for various details reduced down to a greater extent.

  • The manual intervention reduced enhancing virtual assistance and a better outcome.

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Bridgestone App

About Project

The project developed to make the time consuming and loss process to reduce for growth ratio of the business.


While development of app many hurdles and concern were taken into consideration according to client’s requirement.

The client needed a system which would help them to reduce the time required to reach from one level to next level of the system. The losses bared due to this were huge and also reduced the production with proper quality.

Check over the timings and output created was a concern as it was not possible to be available at the time of defect in the workshop.

The system needed with efficient management which can help to reduce the loss.

Keep a check over all the work done by the employees.

  • We provided a solution to the concern of the client.
  • A system depicting all the flow of pipeline was built in.
  • We provided a system where the defect if any found in the inspecting department will be scanned through the barcode and the same, will be received to the user level, this reduces the time required to reach the user level and further losses occur.
  • Due to efficient system loss minimization and time management along with cost efficiency was achieved. This increased the business of the client.
  • Proper check over the management was possible as now the defect was forwarded real time to the next level and immediate action was supposed to be taken.
  • An efficient system which helped to reduce cost, time and loss helped the client in the growth of the business.
  • The client was happy with the solution to his problem received.

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Money Flow

About Project

The project was going to work in UAE market. All financial transaction controlling and collaboration part is the main key point of the app.

The client was looking for a reliable and professional mobile app developer who could provide them with a mobile app within a quick time. They were looking for an app.


The challenges that we faced while creating an application for our client included:-

They wanted a one-click solution where all the financial transaction can be seen and analyzed.

Bank-wise, transaction wise categorization was needed to make it more efficient.

Fraudulent transaction notification to be displayed.

The client was looking for a reliable and professional mobile app developer who could provide them with a mobile app within a quick time.

They were looking for an app based on augmented reality which would help their customers to have a check over their financial transaction.


Our team of highly experienced mobile app developers analyzed the client requirements and provided them with the following solution-

  • The customer is able to view the daily transaction, the monthly transaction of all the bank accounts he is holding.
  • Segregation and bifurcation of every message from the inbox and accordingly notification for the same in the app were provided. This huge task of segregating all bank messages together in one app was a big challenge to our developers.
  • Multicurrency bifurcation is also done.
  • Managing of the financial spends could be done due to reports provided.
  • Our team provided a highly customized solution so as to enable the app to work on different mobile phone models.
  • On the fraudulent transaction, the user will be notified with a buzzer alert which proved to be very helpful.

The client was extremely delighted by the quality and speed of the app. The app allowed the user to easily view their financial transactions over different banks in one app itself. This app made it very easy to have control overspends and increase savings.

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