Bringing Life to Data

Data integrations

Integrate and analyze multiple, disparate data sources for a more complete, data-driven picture of customers to create new revenue streams and improve customer retention.

Better regulatory compliance

Get flexible data access, seamless security integration, scalability and performance for millions of users in accordance with new accessibility mandates for customer-facing online application and data protection protocols.

Pre-built advanced analytics tools

Share insights from sophisticated algorithms, leveraging integrated, pre-built advanced analytics, and quickly and easily socialize them with the right people.

Flexible deployments

Deploy Experience Analytics on-premises or in the cloud, and view the generated content in any application and on any device.


Asking the right questions and then gathering, organizing, and presenting data to make informed decisions is not a trivial task. More and more organizations are turning to dashboards as a way to quickly understand and analyze their data. After all, the ability to transform your data into a dashboard that clearly identifies issues and opportunities requiring attention or action is invaluable to any company seeking to improve and we help you achieve this.

Score Cards

We help everyone in your team focus on work that improves the metric that matter to your business. Client understands what metric to be used but the team does not. Focused teams need everyone on the same page but KPI’s are left ignored on cluttered spreadsheets or complex BI tools. We help customers and the teams sink data on the same page and display business KPI’s on our scorecard solutions which embed the power to the teams and business to understand the business statistics and work towards improvised business goals.

Predictive Analytics

In business, predictive models exploit patterns found in historical and transactional data to identify risks and opportunities. Models capture relationships among many factors to allow assessment of risk or potential associated with a particular set of conditions, guiding decision making for candidate transactions. We offer end to end development of a system which helps businesses focus on predicting and forecasting their business as a sole unit of based on different business lines in which they operate.


We help organizations adopt data-driven insights using technologies like Hadoop, D3, DQ, and tableau, etc.


Our experience with data across industries such as Healthcare, Retail, Finance and Consumer Behavior has helped us create robust data analytics and reporting frameworks for our clients.


Our expertise across domains and data processes has helped us enable clients with the right tools to manage and understand the volume, variety and velocity of complex data.


We come as partners and not just vendors. We understand your business requirements and suggest optimal solutions to empower you to scale streamline and grow your business


Modify existing reports or create your own custom business intelligence report that meets your specific needs.


Our data analytics and visualization services help organizations explore new capabilities, streamline existing processes, improve forecasting abilities and respond to market changes better.
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