Modernize A/R Management
Act before your Invoices crosses the aging cycle.

Have you exhausted all possibilities to enhance your working capital and revenue position through Accounts Receivables (AR)?

Our unique AR predict tool can help you put together a robust 360-degree Receivables Analytics solution with prebuilt views and interactive visualizations

  • Boost cash flow & expedite payments.
  • Lower operational costs – Spend time on invoices that needs attention.
  • Curb the “Ageing” Before Ageing Begins
  • Receivables Summary– A summary view from an AR Executive Dashboard for an organization, shows receivables by currency.
  • Predict vs Actuals – Our unique prove algorithm predicts troubled invoices in advance so that you can act on them before its aging happens from day one.
  • AR & Top 10 Customers-Our solution offers the visual representation of receivables by currency and by a legal entity. Top ‘n’ customers analysis is also shown.
  • AR, DSO & Cash Realization  This provides a simplified summary of all metrics including trend on sales, collections, DSO and KPIs such as % of invoices paid on time (nos. and amount) and Cash Realization Cycle Time (contract and actual).


Our friendly methods and style treat customers respectfully and compassionately. Removing calls is the best approach for reducing negative emotions associated with billing and payments.


Access data across all HighRadius Cloud applications along with your ERP open A/R data and customer master.


Users drill down into a specific account and invoice to gain an understanding of key metrics and review trends across the entire accounts receivable department.


Analytics powered by AI generates effective and dynamic messaging delivered by email and text to align with preferred customer communication methods.


Flexible data visualization allows managers and senior executives to quickly derive insights out of complex accounts receivable datasets to identify actions for improving receivables conversion.


Build customer loyalty - don't burn bridges. Giving customers realistic options to resolve their delinquent bill shows you care. Plus, automation shortens customer response time and expedites problem-solving.
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